Leveraging the power of data for strategic market growth

Africa's revolutionary journey of digital transformation and Industry 4.0 calls for specialized investment in data and telecom networks as well as increased focus on empowering this complex sector.

Efficient management of telecommunication networks and services is a top priority when it comes to achieving this goal. In addition, enhancing the skill levels and employability of the African youth with the requisite knowledge and qualifications is a growing requirement for the success of Africa's digital roadmap.

Our solutions

Solutions that enable excellence in local service delivery, while allowing your business to operate at a global scale.

Telecom Revenue Tracking and Reporting Component

Efficient revenue capture and computation by optimizing the integrity of network operators

Handset Population Tracking and Identification Component

A centralized mobile device verification system to manage the explosion in mobile devices

Telecom Traffic Metrics and Revenue Assurance Component

Continuous visibility on different revenue streams to ensure independent and accurate information

Mobile Money Compliance and Metrics Component

Monitor and regulate mobile money effectively and ensure compliance to rules and regulations

SIM Compliance and Verification Component

A powerful SIM card registration system that offers regulatory control and SIM compliance

Mobile Internet Reporting and Tracking Component

Overcome regulatory challenges and track and measure mobile data services in real time

Efficient and world-class services for every telecommunications need

Kelni Solutions provides Value Added and ICT Consultancy services, Computer Hardware and Software services, and dedicated Managed Services & ICT Infrastructure to private and government agencies in West Africa. Our principal activities include Import-Export, Building and Road Construction, Civil and Electrical Engineering. Our services are SLA-driven, low-cost, efficient and reliable, and offered to local and foreign companies in this niche market.

Key outcomes

Increased visibility

Broader & more accurate oversight over general operations in the sector

Efficient service delivery

Huge technological impact and high efficiency in operations and outcomes

Digital empowerment

Greater advancement in building a digitized country and economy

Why Kelni Solutions?

We're uniquely leveraging real-time data solutions to:

  • Increase efficiency, security and productivity
  • Enable informed decision- and policy-making
  • Optimize regulatory control & revenue integrity
  • Improve & streamline operations
  • ¬†Facilitate inter-agency collaboration
  • Digitally empower Africa's governments & agencies