The need for regulatory control and SIM compliance

SIM card fraud is very real. Enforcing SIM compliance is one of the most demanding tasks faced by regulators worldwide. In an ideal scenario, SIM services empower citizens by allowing access to digital services that would have been inaccessible otherwise, along with posing a number of other opportunities. But left unsupervised or unregulated, the SIM card market is susceptible to a staggering number of frauds, including black market SIMs, identity theft, crime and terrorism. Governments need a mechanism for mitigating the misuse of SIM cards, by tightening its grip on the market and heightening compliance.

A powerful SIM card registration system

The SIM Compliance and Verification Component is a subscriber identification system that collates and assimilates information related to SIM cards for further governance by the respective regulatory agencies. It quickly reports and alerts authorities of fraudulent registrations and non-compliance, and mines data required for security and tactical operations that are paramount to national security.

SIM Compliance and Verification Component

A centralized SIM database and verification platform that:

  • Collects SIM information in near-real-time
    for regulators to populate their own central SIM registries
  • Auto identifies non-compliant SIMs
    including non-registered, stolen, swapped and black market SIMs
  • Mines SIM data
    for security investigations, tactical operations, regulatory oversight and so on


Live dashboard

Displaying info on a country's SIM population, including demographics, trends, compliance levels

Search engine for all SIMs

Tracking specific SIMs for in-depth analyses and investigations, with connection history

What is the Common Platform?

The Common Platform (CP) is a digital collection mechanism encompassing Fraud Management, Traffic Monitoring, Revenue Assurance and Mobile Money Monitoring services.