Our mission

Transformative digital solutions for telecom governance and tax compliance

Empowering Africa through pioneering IT and telecommunications solutions

In 1995, Kelni Solutions was established to deliver Import-Export, Building and Road Construction, Civil and Electrical Engineering services in Ghana. We have also provided Value Added and ICT Consultancy Services, Computer Hardware and Software, as well as dedicated Managed Services & ICT Infrastructure.

Leveraging on these experiences over the past 25 years, we are breaking new ground in Ghana through innovations related to IT and telecommunications.

Transforming networks and telecommunications monitoring

West Africa is seeing increasing investment in infrastructure and networks. At this exciting phase, Kelni Solutions supports Africa's Industry 4.0 agenda through efficient, data-driven and reliable services related to digital data monitoring, security and compliance to government agencies in the region. Our solutions help governments and regulators achieve effective digitalization of specific telecom and mobile governance processes in their respective countries. With a two-factor approach that combines technology and business, Kelni Solutions remains result and customer-oriented, innovative and flexible, cost-effective and transparent as well as customizable and collaborative.

Focus areas

Digitize and empower governance

Provide actionable intelligence

Invest in capacity building

Augment national security

Our Suite of Solutions

Telecom Revenue Tracking and Reporting Component

Handset Population Tracking and Identification Component

Telecom Traffic Metrics and Revenue Assurance Component

Mobile Money Compliance and Metrics Component

SIM Compliance and Verification Component

Mobile Internet Reporting and Tracking Component