The need for independent and accurate information

Monitoring different telecom operators, their traffic and operations is often a complex task involving a range of advanced tools and platforms. To the government of a country, or its regulatory authorities, this is valuable time diverted from value-adding strategic activities aimed at socio-economic development. Besides the stringent regulatory mandates that need to be complied with, there are also complications involving rising telecom fraud and grey routing that cost the government heavily in terms of revenue leakage.

Continuous visibility on different revenue streams

Regulatory authorities need high-performing telecom network, traffic and service monitoring systems that provide independent and accurate data on traffic exchanged between their licensed local operators and international carriers. This is where the Telecom Traffic Metrics and Revenue Assurance Component helps improve the overall visibility of traffic, while maintaining the integrity and security of operator networks. Using this state-of-the-art solution, governments and regulatory authorities can gather detailed telecom traffic data, metrics and statistics, enabling transparency of operations and expediting decision making.

Telecom Traffic Metrics and Revenue Assurance Component

A digital platform that uses passive probes to connect the regulator directly to the operator’s network to:

  • Collect telecom traffic data in real time
    for compliance monitoring and other Big Data applications
  • Ensure comprehensive collection of taxes
    and other amounts due to the regulator and the state
  • Provide neutral and data-driven arbitration
    between operators and harmonization within the industry
  • Detect and eliminate traffic-related fraud
    including SIM-boxing and under-reporting


Comprehensive telecom traffic metrics

Live dashboard

displaying key indicators in near-real-time

Full visibility over traffic

including interconnections, links, quality of service, and so on.

Telecom traffic details

of traffic through every single national or international link and line

Advanced fraud detection

Automated detection

of by-passing and under-reporting of international traffic


of fraudulent unlicensed operators for dismantlement and prosecution


of 13 different types of fraud including by-passing and PBX hacking

What is the Common Platform?

The Common Platform (CP) is a digital collection mechanism encompassing Fraud Management, Traffic Monitoring, Revenue Assurance and Mobile Money Monitoring services.