Managing the explosion in mobile digital devices

As the digital divide rapidly diminishes over the course of the decade, the expectation globally is that the number of mobile internet subscribers will increase to about 5 billion by 20251. This in turn will result in an explosion in mobile or handheld devices, creating complexities for regulators and government agencies in terms of tracking and monitoring. Without these mechanisms in place, the threats to national security and citizen safety are real and extreme. A national registry comprising the key details of operator and subscriber data is the need of the hour.

A centralized mobile device verification system

The Handset Population Tracking and Identification Component is a centralized mobile device registry that holds information related to the registration and verification of handsets being used on operator networks. Having a centralized registry for mobile device tracking and identification ensures the handheld devices and mobile handsets are being used by their rightful owners and not subject to misuse that can eventually threaten the safety and security of a country.

Handset Population Tracking and Identification Component

A centralized equipment identity monitoring system that uses operator-friendly and passive methods to:

  • Collect device information in near real-time
    Including IMEI, IMSI and MSDN of each phone for governments to populate a central database
  • Automatically identify non-compliant devices
    Including stolen, counterfeited, cloned and unregistered ones, to disconnect from network
  • Mine device data
    As part of security investigations, tactical operations, regulatory oversight and other critical processes


Get actionable information on all connecting devices.

Live dashboard

Shows handset information, including models, usage and device stats drilled down

Search engine for all devices

Tracking model, IMSI, IMEI, MSDN, connections and other device information

Easy to manage black, grey and white lists

Auto-updated for compliant, suspicious, counterfeited, unregistered devices, with detailed reports.

What is the Common Platform?

The Common Platform (CP) is a digital collection mechanism encompassing Fraud Management, Traffic Monitoring, Revenue Assurance and Mobile Money Monitoring services.