Empowering Governments and Regulatory Authorities

Kelni Solutions' Common Platform (CP) is a digital collection solution adopted by the government of Ghana for the benefit of Ministry of Communications (MoC) and the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) encompassing five components – Telecom Fraud Management, Traffic Monitoring, Mobile Money Monitoring, Revenue Assurance and Central Equipment Identity Register.

CP is empowered by Section 14 of the Communications Services Tax Act 2008 (Act 754), amended by the Communications Service Tax Act 2013 (Act 864). It effectively assists government and regulatory authorities (such as the Ghana Revenue Authority and National Communications Authority) with data-driven insights that help to regulate the telecommunications and ICT sector and promote responsible growth.

What Does the Common Platform Do?

The CP non-intrusively monitors mobile network operators and delivers powerful insights to regulatory authorities. These insights in turn help them make game-changing decisions that impact the economic prosperity of a country. The benefits are clear. For instance, the introduction of the CP has ensured stability and greater accuracy in revenue declarations by the MNOs. Subsequently, volatility reduced and revenue trends rose significantly.


Enables independent measurement and auditing

Monitors and enforces operator compliance with relevant laws and regulations

Better information for decision and policy formulation

Increased efficiency and transparency in telecom tax computations

How Does it Work?

The Common Platform equipment is 'signaling–based'. It only contains the statistics of the communication between telecommunications nodes before, during and after any communication on the network and is carried out in channels totally different to the communication channels that carry voice content.

Socioeconomic Impact

The CP poses tremendous benefits to the Ghanaian citizen.

  • The CP represents the building blocks for data gathering in the digital age for the nation's economic advancement
  • It enables regulatory bodies to verify and accurately assess relevant taxes due from MNOs
  • The savings that accrue from the various operations of the CP become savings (i.e. additional tax revenue) for the people of Ghana.