The complexities of mobile money monitoring

In the last decade, the world has seen mobile money services becoming increasingly popular. Unique features like easy access to ready cash and fast and convenient payment methods have transformed mobile money into an empowering tool for users – mitigating economic gaps and providing financial security to millions across the globe. Mobile money services also pose the added advantage of being a source of revenue for countries, and it appears to be in their governments’ best interests to promote this innovative service. However, lack of close governance and regulation in this space can lead to numerous threats to a country’s security ecosystem, by way of promoting illicit trade activities, increasing terror funding and so on.

Monitor and regulate mobile money effectively

The Mobile Money Compliance and Metrics Component is an intelligent data platform that uses machine learning to ensure effective oversight of the mobile money market. The solution not only compiles information related to the mobile money transactions within a country, but also cross-verifies it with its registry to flag and alert authorities of suspicious transactions that could potentially amount to money laundering. The component is aligned with the international best practices in AML, making it a reliable tool for governments and regulatory authorities across the globe.

Mobile Money Compliance and Metrics Component

Seamlessly connect to the networks of mobile money service providers to perform critical actions, including:

  • Automated tracking and verification
    of all MM transactions, including, cash-in, cash-out, etc.
  • Automated detection of suspicious transactions
    potentially linked to money laundering and illicit money flow
  • Background check on suspicious transactions
    using international criminal and financial database
  • Consolidation of country-specific MM data
    updated on an hourly basis
  • Automated calculations
    of amounts due in taxes and other levies (if any)


Get comprehensive metrics for market surveillance and investigations.

Live dashboard

displaying the MM key parameters in near real-time with continuous updates

Updated overview

of the MM market for high-level decision-makers

Transaction details

for the Financial Intelligence Units and others authorities

Benefit from enhanced anti-money-laundering capabilities.

Compliance and business intelligence modules

integrating the best analytical tools

Automated detection of ML activities

based on preset rules, aligned with international AML best practices

Monitoring and filtering of transactions

for pre-analysis, with continuously updated AML reports

What is the Common Platform?

The Common Platform (CP) is a digital collection mechanism encompassing Fraud Management, Traffic Monitoring, Revenue Assurance and Mobile Money Monitoring services.