Optimize the revenue integrity of network operators

The rise of the internet and the global push towards mobility have encouraged telecom services to grow into a formidable industry sector earning billions in revenue. This revenue is indispensable to any country, as it contributes to a sizable portion of the national income by way of duties and taxes. But the sheer mass and complexity of the telecom sector means that even the most seasoned players tend to lose some portion of their revenue due to process leaks and gaps that require urgent attention.

Enabling efficient revenue capture and computation

The Telecom Revenue Tracking and Reporting Component is a robust monitoring mechanism that helps to verify and validate service providers’ revenue to enable accurate computing of taxes and duties that are due the government. It optimizes the visibility of different revenue streams on operator networks, in real or near-real-time. Data on end-to-end financial performance, from revenue-generating events to core network transactions, is captured, along with measurements on the volumes and commensurate taxes.

Telecom Revenue Tracking and Reporting Component

A digital platform for telecom revenue tracking that seamlessly and passively connects your organization to the core systems of the operators in order to:

  • Collect telecom transaction data
    for compliance monitoring and revenue verification purposes
  • Process telecom data into practical file formats
    that are easy to handle for market surveillance and financial intelligence
  • Keep track of the taxes and other levies
    through live tracking that shows cumulative amount due by operator


Gain objective view of telecoms’ fiscal and financial performance:

Live dashboards

displaying key indicators in near real-time updated hourly

Deep insights into transactions

including top-ups, mobile money and account transactions, revenue and so on.

Actionable information

for decision and policy-making, showing actionable trends

What is the Common Platform?

The Common Platform (CP) is a digital collection mechanism encompassing Fraud Management, Traffic Monitoring, Revenue Assurance and Mobile Money Monitoring services.