Regulatory and revenue challenges posed by mobile internet

The entry of trailblazers, like Netflix, WhatsApp, Apple, Google and Facebook, have changed the landscape of the telecom regulatory sector. The rapid rise of OTT and social media platforms that draw on the strengths of mobile internet data have resulted in loss of regulatory control over a largely opaque faction of the telecom industry. Unregulated OTT players cost the government massive revenue losses every year. Increasing competition between traditional telecom players and unconventional OTTs also have undesirable consequences, in terms of lack of visibility and tax revenue erosion for the government.

Track and measure mobile data services in real time

The innovative Mobile Internet Reporting and Tracking Component enables telecom operators to turn these challenges into opportunities – improving margins and increasing revenue for the government. The digital tool enables regulators to monitor and address digital and financial issues arising from the increasing use of data and OTT services. It provides comprehensive insights into the mobile internet ecosystem, facilitating seamless regulatory control and swift policy-making.

Mobile Internet Reporting and Tracking Component

A non-intrusive data services reporting and tracking platform that:

  • Measures and reports on data services indicators
    for compliance monitoring and other Big Data applications
  • Creates and processes IP detail records
    and other amounts due to the regulator and government


Get real-time view of data and OTT services:

Live dashboard

Organizing a continuous flow of info into updated reports and graphics on data consumption with drill-down functionalities

Billing module

To calculate and bill OTT and data-related taxes; monitor and measure the yield of taxes, in total and drill-down per operator and ISP

IPDR module

Creating and processing IP detail records with the details of data sessions linked to specific users and IMSI

What is the Common Platform?

The Common Platform (CP) is a digital collection mechanism encompassing Fraud Management, Traffic Monitoring, Revenue Assurance and Mobile Money Monitoring services.